Release: Intakt Records 2018
Digital, CD (We sell LPs at the Concerts!!)  

The Willisau Concert

“Trio Heinz Herbert, consisting of Dominic Landolt on guitar and effects, Ramon Landolt on keys, synth, and samples, and Mario Hänni on drums, is a Zürich-based group that seems to be pushing for a fuller, more wide-ranging fusion of the worlds of free jazz and electronic music. The Willisau Concert documents a performance at the Jazzfestival Willisau in September 2016, and it’s a perfect encapsulation of the intriguing and idiosyncratic approach taken by the Trio.”
Derek Stone on

Release: Intakt Records, 2017.
Digital, CD. 


Release: Red Brick Chapel, 2016. 

Die Reise des Gerbikulus Starwatchers 

“Trio Heinz Herbert, to my ear, makes an intelligent engaging music, thoughtfully orchestrated, rich in color and often surprising in its approach and content. Their sometimes minimalistic approach, which I hear as an ‘ensemble’ music, is always incisive and filled with colorful detail. A strong contribution to a fresh point of view of what is possible in today’s music.”
Gerry Hemingway (USA) 

Release: Unit Records, 2014.
Digital, Vynil.


Release: Unit Records, 2013.
Digital, CD.